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UPSC: UP beats Rajasthan in giving IAS officers, out of 33 solely these 5 obtained posting of their state, see checklist

UPSC IAS: UP has as soon as once more turn out to be the chief by defeating Rajasthan within the matter of manufacturing IAS officers from the UPSC examination. Out of 179 candidates chosen for IAS in UPSC Civil Providers Examination 2022, most 33 IAS candidates are from UP. Meaning, this time UP has given the utmost variety of IAS officers. Rajasthan stood second with 22 IAS candidates. Final yr i.e. in UPSC Civil Providers Examination 2021, Rajasthan (24 IAS) had defeated UP (19 IAS). Speaking about UPSC Civil Providers Examination 2022, Rajasthan stood second with 22 IAS and UP stood at primary with 30 IAS.

UPSC Civil Providers Examination 2022 topper Ishita Kishore has obtained residence cadre Uttar Pradesh. Second topper Garima Lohia has additionally obtained her residence state Bihar cadre. Third topper Uma Harathi N of Telangana has been allotted Telangana cadre, fourth place holder Smriti Mishra of UP has been allotted residence cadre UP.

What number of candidates from which state grew to become IAS, see checklist

– UP – 33
– Rajasthan – 22
Bihar – 14
Delhi – 18
Madhya Pradesh – 9
Uttarakhand – 5
Jharkhand – 1
Haryana – 4
Telangana- 12
Karnataka – 5
Jammu and Kashmir-
Tamil Nadu – 8
Kerala – 6

These 33 candidates hailing from UP grew to become IAS

1. Ishita Kishore (Rank 1) Common Class
2. Smriti Mishra (Rank 4) Common
3. Shishir Kumar Singh (Rank 16) Common Class
4. Siddharth Shukla (Rank 18) Common Class
5. Yadav Suryabhan Achhe Lal (Rank 27) Common Class
6. Preksha Agarwal (Rank 30) Common Class
7. Priyansha Garg (Rank 31) Common Class
8. Chaitanya Awasthi (Rank 37) Common Class
9. Garima Narula (Rank 39) Common Class
10. Mahendra Singh (Rank 50) OBC
11. Arnav Mishra (Rank 56) Common Class
12. Aditi Varshney (Rank 57) Common Class
13. Vaishnavi Paul (Rank 62) Common Class
14. Anirudh Pandey (Rank 64) Common Class
15. Kritika Misra (Rank 66) Common Class
16. Dwij Goyal (Rank 71) Common Class
17. Anuja Trivedi (Rank 80) Common
18. Rajat Yadav (Rank 111) OBC
19. Mahima Kasana (Rank 141) OBC
20. Kajol Singh (Rank 149) SC
21. Ayush Gupta (180) Common Class
22. Amit Gupta (Rank 246) Common
23. Drishti Jaiswal (Rank 255) OBC
24. Ajay Yadav (Rank 276) OBC
25. Moin Ahmed (Rank 296) OBC
26. Aishwarya Dubey (Rank 300) Common
27. Shreyansi Jain (Rank 302) Common
28. Aditya Pratap Singh (Rank 341) OBC
29. Atul Sagar (Rank 403) OBC
30. Nayan Gautam (Rank 437) S.C.
31. Rohit Kardam (517) SC
32. Sakshi Mohan (Rank 572) Sc.
33. Rinku Singh Rahi (Rank 921) Sc.

UPSC topper Ishita Kishore obtained UP cadre, second ranker Garima obtained Bihar.

These candidates of UP obtained residence cadre

Ishita Kishore (Rank 1) Common Class,
Smriti Mishra (Rank 4) Common Class
Shishir Kumar Singh (Rank 16) Common Class
Mahendra Singh (Rank 50) OBC Class
Rinku Singh Rahi (921 Rank) SC Class

UP obtained these 16 new IAS

UP has obtained 16 new IAS. UP has obtained Ishita Kishore, Smriti Mishra, Swati Sharma, Shishir Kumar Singh, Vaishali, Gunjita Aggarwal, Nitin Singh, Anubhav Singh among the many new IAS officers. Aside from this, SSA Shakhmauri, Narayani Bhatia, Mahendra Singh, Chaluvaraju R, Kavya C, Deepak Singhanwal, Sahil Kumar and Rinku Singh Rahi have gotten UP cadre.

Allow us to let you know that UPSC had launched the ultimate results of Civil Providers Examination 2022 on 23 Could 2023. Ishita Kishore had topped. Garima Lohia stood second and Uma Harti N stood third. The fourth place was secured by Smriti Mishra and the fifth place was secured by Mayur Hazarika. Earlier all 4 locations have been occupied by women.